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Software Asset Management (SAM) is the coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from software assets. Software Asset Management is a specialization of IT Asset Management that focuses specifically on software assets. Management of software assets may or may not include management of non-software assets. For reference, the relevant industry definition: “the overall infrastructure and processes required to effectively manage, control, and protect software assets within an organization at all stages of its lifecycle.” SAM specifically focuses on the management of acquisition, development, release, deployment, maintenance, and ultimately retirement of software assets. SAM processes enable software assets to be effectively managed, controlled and protected. The goal of SAM processes is to ensure that required data and information about licenses, associated entitlements, and usage are accurately recorded throughout the lifecycle; that compliance assessments between requirements and actual usage versus permitted usage are regularly performed and assessed; and verified. When digital information content is included in scope and subject to license terms, it is also covered by these requirements.

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