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The License Library makes you an all-rounder in software licensing. Editorially maintained and validated content frees you from time-consuming research and gets you to your goal faster.

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Compendium of software knowledge

The pre-processed content and services of the License Library minimize your workload and save time and costs.

  • Do not waste time researching sources for documents and content
  • Understand and check use rights with just a few clicks instead of having to spend time working them out
  • Identify software quickly and clearly using normalized article texts and the SKU
  • Accelerate cross-departmental approval and procurement processes for your stakeholders (IT security, legal, procurement, product owner)
  • Minimize sources of error by providing consolidated knowledge
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Extensive portfolio of license and software use rights

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Detailed review criteria for on-premise and SaaS products

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Integrated SKU database incl. live search

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Expert knowledge of open source and font licensing

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License checks and licence queries by ticket

Be successful with the License Library
and benefit from:


A continuously growing number of manufacturers,
usage right data and SKU entries

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Verifiable and understandable solutions for complex licensing issues

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Fast response times and support by e-mail, telephone or ticket

Our promise

The License Library is a unique all-in-one data source, whose editorially maintained and validated content has not yet been combined in this form anywhere else. It combines licensing and commercial content, offers access to broad and expert topics and supports users with individual questions.

All License Library content undergoes a comprehensive research and approval process before publication. Official documents and evidence, direct manufacturer contact and comprehensible statements lead to a remarkable depth of data, that you can rely on. The License Library supports customers from all sectors of the economy and is a valuable addition to the use of SAM tools in order to generate further freedom for strategic issues.

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Get in touch with our product experts and receive comprehensive advice on your optimum usage scenario. We recommend our classic sales process in order to work out the greatest possible savings potential for you together:

  • Individual live demo and general discussion
  • Hands on: two-week test phase with full access
  • Feedback discussion and analysis of your usage scenarios
  • Price indication and offer

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Further information material

Share information material with your team to better identify the benefits and savings potential of the License Library. We will be happy to advise you on possible usage scenarios and inform you about the best practices of our existing customers.

In addition to the general product description, you will find all the licensing parameters in the data sheet, which we use to check license documents and process software use rights.

These customers already trust in License Library

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Software AG
Toll Collect
Universität Regensburg

Die License Library unterstützt die Stabsstelle IT-Recht für die bayerischen staatlichen Universitäten und Hochschulen durch die umfassende Wissensdatenbank zu Lizenzinformationen bei ihrer Beratungsaufgabe zu Softwarelizenzfragen effizient, zuverlässig und schnell. Die besonders zugänglich aufbereiteten Informationen leisten darüber hinaus einen wichtigen Beitrag zur rechtskonformen Lizenznutzung.

Stabsstelle IT-Recht für die bayerischen staatlichen Universitäten und Hochschulen

Die License Library ermöglicht der IT Baden-Württemberg (BITBW) einen schnellen und direkten Zugang zu Lizenzdokumenten und kaufmännischen Lizenzinformationen.
Mit dem integrierten SKU Tracker prüfen wir unklare Rechnungen und verifizieren erworbene Lizenzen. Dadurch erhalten wir eine transparente Sicht auf viele Lizenzbeschaffungen, können diese entsprechend sicher verwalten und lizenzfachlich einordnen.

IT Baden-Württemberg

What drives us

The License Library is the world’s most comprehensive knowledge platform that supports every decision in the life cycle of a software license with reliable, editorially prepared information and topics. Data quality and availability play a key role in this. Our team adds new content to the License Library every day and expands existing entries.

Companies from all sectors and of all sizes use our unique, vendor-independent product to clearly determine and understand software use rights and SaaS SLAs at all times. Our users can report non-existent content that we create for them. License-related information then only needs to be retrieved and no longer has to be laboriously researched. This helps to ensure that tasks in the specialist departments can be completed faster, more reliably and in a more targeted manner.

In addition, the License Library integrates seamlessly into market-leading IT solutions, where it acts as a crucial quality data provider. This gives the systems a much deeper database, which benefits the functional scope of the system and the end user in their day-to-day work.

In times of constantly increasing software costs, the License Library is the “go-to tool” to give your users the opportunity to reduce process costs and additional expenses to a minimum.

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