We virtualize Oracle software with vCenter 5.5. Now we want to upgrade to version 6.0. Are there any changes to the licensing model?

Yes, and they are very critical as well. The version of the vCenter, used for the virtualization of Oracle Software, is very critical. Depending on the version, there are different functionalities which influence the licensed environment. In order to understand better those differences please compare the following scenarios:

Virtualization of Oracle Software with vCenter 5.1 and 5.5:

These versions of vCenter allow you to move virtual machines across cluster boundaries within a vCenter. Therefore, when using these vCenter versions, all vCenter servers must be covered with appropriate licenses.

Virtualization of Oracle Software with vCenter 6.0:

Version 6.0 of vCenter makes it possible to move running virtual machines beyond the vCenter boundary. According to the licensing logic of Oracle, this means that all vCenter must be covered with an appropriate license into which an Oracle software could be moved during the runtime.

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