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We work meticulously, are detail-oriented, love researching and handling data. We make the License Library a unique platform – a little bit more every day.

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The License Library is the world’s most comprehensive knowledge platform,
supporting every decision in the software license life cycle with reliable, editorially prepared information and topics.

Companies of all sizes and from all sectors use our unique, vendor-independent product to clearly determine and understand software usage rights and SaaS SLAs at all times.

In addition, the License Library integrates seamlessly with market-leading IT solutions, where it acts as a critical quality data provider.

With certified content that is always simple and easy to understand, it supports the management of software and cloud services.

The License Library stands for a high degree of usability and the use of current technology. It reduces effort and guarantees an individual user experience tailored to the user’s requirements.

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The License Library is a reference database for those responsible for software license management that provides its users with valid, complete and comprehensible information from a central source.

Data quality and availability play a key role in this. Our team adds new content to the License Library and enhances existing content on a daily basis.

Our users can report non-existent content, which we compile for them. License-related information then only needs to be retrieved and no longer laboriously researched by the users themselves. This helps ensure that tasks in the specialist departments can be completed faster, more reliably and in a more targeted manner.

We also make our data available to license management systems, giving these systems a much deeper database, which benefits both the system’s functionality and the end user’s day-to-day work.



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An internal knowledge platform is created

A scientific thesis accompanies the introduction of a digital knowledge platform, which CCP Software GmbH will use in the future for internal storage and provision of license-related knowledge.

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First licenses are issued

CCP decides to publish the internally grown knowledge platform under the name CCP License Library and to make it available to enterprise customers. The Knowledgebase becomes the first section of the CCP License Library, Terms&Guides (today Product Guides) follows as another section. The first enterprise-wide license to use the CCP License Library is issued.


System and brand come of age

A more flexible content management system replaces the knowledge platform introduced in 2013. The Master Agreements, SKU Tracker and Use Cases areas are being built. Users can open EULA check tickets. The service is now marketed under the name License Library and is shortlisted for the ITAM Review Excellence Awards.


Variety of topics and customer benefits increases

When a software product is added to the Knowledgebase area, more than 40 usage rights are now checked. The OSS License Review and Font Licensing sections add to the standard scope of the License Library. Users can now submit free licensing support tickets.


Further specialization and milestones

Software as a Service products can be accessed from the Knowledgebase area and include detailed information on data and security aspects in addition to use rights. The License Library contains license knowledge on more than 1,000 software manufacturers and details on over 1 million commercial license items.

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