Which downgrade options do I have with Adobe Creative Cloud products and what is Adobe’s understanding of “authorized versions”?

Until May 8th 2019, Adobe Creative Cloud products could have been downgraded to version CS6. On that date, Adobe adjusted this use right. Now, a downgrade of an Adobe Creative Cloud product is only available down to certain authorized versions. At the same time, Adobe warns its customers to use unauthorized versions which can potentially lead to third-party claims, and recommends to update the products to an authorized version. A list of authorized and unauthorized versions has been published by Adobe. If a product is not listed, all versions of that product continue to be authorized. Hence, unauthorized versions can still be technically used, if already installed, but their continued use represents a legal risk.

Source: official Adobe website about authorized versions, retrieved 2019-05-22 (https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/kb/remove-unauthorized-versions.html#Listofauthorizedandunauthorizedversions)