What is the “LAW” and which version should I use?

“The License Administration Workbench (LAW) supports you during the License Audit Process for complex system landscapes. You use the LAW to collect and consolidate license-relevant measurement data (users and engines) for the component systems and the central system (LAW system) in which LAW is run. This provides system administrators with a better overview, and the system measurement is simpler and also more reliable.”

You can use either LAW or LAW 2.0. Here are the requirements to use LAW 2.0:

  • SAP NetWeaver Release (SAP_BASIS) 7.02 (Support Package 13 or higher) or 7.40 is installed
  • the collective note 1995778 (for 7.02) or note 2067837 (for 7.40) was applied including all manual steps

Please note that the results of the LAW – especially for engines – should only serve as an indication. It is important to use other tools to inventory users and engines, and to implement a control group to evaluate the results of the LAW.