We want to use SAP Sybase Adaptive Server 16 Enterprise. Which options do we have with respect to licensing?

In general, there are two ways of licensing SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).

  1. Licensing per Core – the aggregate number of cores on the server needs to be covered with licenses. There is no limit on the number of users, sessions, or devices accessing the server.
  2. Licensing per Server – the machine on which SAP Sybase ASE runs needs to be covered with a server license. There is no limitation on the number of CPUs or Cores on the server. However, accesses to the server need to be licensed separately. Accesses can be licensed in two different ways.
    1. Concurrent Session – the aggregate number of sessions accessing the server needs to be licensed
    2. User – each individual user who wants to access the server needs to be covered with a license

Source: Licensing Guide_SAP_as is 2017-03-13