We are using Microsoft SQL Server technology for operating System Center 2016. Apart from Database Engine Service, may one OSE (Operating System Environment) contain further SQL Server services?

SQL Server software contains, apart from management components that do not require a license, several licensed server components. The following services are considered licensed server components (taking SQL Server 2016 as an example):

  • SQL Server Database Engine (DB)
  • SQL Server R Services for Windows
  • Master Data Services (MDS)
  • Analysis Services (AS)
  • Integration Services (IS)
  • Reporting Services (RS)
  • Data Quality Services (DQS)

Components of a SQL Server license may not be separated. Therefore, each OSE that runs a licensed server component requires a license. As long as the licensed server components are running in one OSE, only one SQL Server license is required.

Source: Licensing Guide_Microsoft_SQL Server 2016_EN_as is 2016-08-28