We are planning to use an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition for the following scenario: 150 hand scanners are used by 300 employees. The hand scanners send data directly to the Oracle database. The database runs on a server with 6 single-core processors. How many licenses do we need?

The Oracle Database Enterprise Edition may be licenses per Processor or per Named User Plus.

When licensed per processor:

  • you need to take into account the Oracle Processor Core Factor Table
  • all processors where the database is installed and/or running need to be licensed
  • in this scenario, a server with 6 single-core processors is used
  • thus, 6 processor licenses are required

When licensed per Named User Plus:

There are two scenarios of licensing Named User Plus, however, the greater number needs to be licensed: 1. the minimum amount of Named User Plus licenses per processor (25 Named User Plus licenses/processor) or 2. the total number of users accessing the database

Result 1.: 25 * 6 processor = 150 Named User Plus licenses Result 2.: 300 employees = 300 Named User Plus licenses

Final result: 300 Named User Plus licenses are required.


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