May we use fonts like Arial or Calibri to create individual packaging labels with Adobe LiveCycle Designer and use such labels within our SAP ERP system to print them during the dispatching process?

To solve the issue, two other questions must be answered in advance.

  1. Where do the fonts come from?
  2. What are the fonts actually used for?

The Adobe Typekit support confirmed that Adobe LiveCycle Designer does not come with any fonts but uses the ones provided by an operating system. And since Arial and Calibri are Windows fonts, we assume a Microsoft Windows operating system for this case. The fonts should be used to create documents which later on are not supposed to be edited again, but to be printed from a different device.

This usage scenario is granted with the fonts that are included in Microsoft products. However, in general a Microsoft font may only be used to create a document on a licensed device (different rules may apply subject to the embedding terms of a font). The created documents may then be transferred, even from a different device, to a printer for the purposes of printing.

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