Do we have to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to measure our IBM Passport Advantage licenses?

IBM Passport Advantage Customers must use the ILMT to measure Sub-Capacity based products only. They should always use the latest version of the ILMT, which should be installed no later than 90 days after implementation of the Sub-Capacity-based product. The following exceptions exempt the customer from this regulation:

  • Sub-Capacity based product is not supported by ILMT
  • Client’s Enterprise
    • has less than 1000 employees and contractors and
    • is not a Service Provider and has not contracted with a Service Provider
  • The total physical capacity of Enterprise’s servers is less than 1000 PVUs
  • The Client’s servers are licensed to full capacity

If the ILMT is not used (as described above, e.g. if the product is not PVU-based), then the client is required to manually manage and monitor this product’s licenses. The client is also required to generate reports at least once per quarter.

Source: IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement, as of August 2014 (accessed 09.11.2016), page 4